Offset Printing

How the press prints

The press prints by writing the image to a digital plate. It starts by the writing the yellow, erasing it and then writing the magenta, erasing it etc…each time transferring the plate image to the paper before erasing it for the next, until all four colours are printed.It then delivers the paper to a tray at the end of the press.

My favourite thing about the press is that you can personalise

With the press writing and erasing the image every time it prints, it allows you to personalise really easily. So if you have a letter which you want to address to 10000 people, all you have to do is provide the letter as one pdf and show us where you would like the name changes. Give us a file with 10000 names and address on and well do the rest.

As the press prints, it links to the file with the names on and substitutes the text on every sheet it prints. It doesn’t end there though; you can also incorporate photographs so that the press will even add a different photograph on every sheet it prints. The opportunities are endless!.

A Smarter Way to Print: High Quality and Environmentally Friendly Digital Offset Printing

Whether you’re producing brochures, postcards, presentations or more, you need to be able to depend on your marketing and communications partner to deliver quality digital prints each and every time.
With advanced DI Press technology, our equipment allow us to be more competitive in a market that continually demands faster turnaround time and shorter press runs at lower costs—without sacrificing quality.

Want to make a statement? With digital printing service, you’ll get a fast and flexible printing solution that is ideal for jobs that need a quick turnaround. You can also customize your project, choosing from recycled or virgin paper stocks in many sizes and weights to give your material the perfect look and feel.

Work with us for:
• Brochures, flyers and posters
• Presentations and business proposals
• Postcards and direct mail pieces
• And Much More!

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