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Most of the printed matter that you see in your everyday life is printed from only four colours. If you take a magnifying glass and look closely at a newspaper or leaflet, you will see the following colours; cyan, magenta, yellow and black. Some shades however, can not easily be made from these colours (but not impossible completely) and therefore a special ink has to be made (metallic etc).

And this is before we start printing!

Firstly I’ll give you an insight into the press. We print on RICOH, EPSON Digital Class presses. We have a multi-colour press which holds the standard four colours as mentioned earlier.There can also be a spot colour or special colour (a bit like the Dulux advert; give us a sample and we’ll match it – just don’t go cutting bits off peoples clothing when they’re not looking!)

We have special colour books that you can match to, so whatever it is your’re looking for, we can do it.

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